The Changing Face of Business Advertising

A lot has changed in the world of business over the past decade or two, with some of the biggest changes being in terms of marketing and advertising. With the introduction of new technology, there has been a huge shift in the way businesses go about promoting themselves, with modern marketing becoming far more dynamic, personal and up to date. The following is a brief look at the changing face of business advertising.

Offline to online

One of the biggest changes to take place in business advertising has been brought on by the introduction of the Internet, which has led to a huge shift from offline to online mediums. No longer do businesses rely so much on television or newspaper advertising to get word out, as with the majority of consumers now connected in some way to the Internet, websites and social media have become far more efficient ways of staying on people’s radar.

Getting personal

A big change in business advertising of late has been a far greater emphasis on developing a personal connection with customers, making your choice of business not just about the product or service you want, but also about choosing a brand to suit your style and personality. Business brands now focus on not just what a product or service will do, but also the way it will make you feel, turning your choice of business into a statement on how you choose to define yourself.

Comprehensive business

Today’s business advertising takes place across a far greater spectrum than that of generations past, with modern businesses using everything from 1300 numbers and phone names to tweets and webinars to promote their business sales and popularity.


In days gone by, virtually every advertisement and business promotion featured white males, and white males only. However, it seems that businesses have finally started to realise that there are a lot of non-white and female potential customers out there too. Business marketing is now beginning to reflect a greater level of diversity, and unlike advertisements of yesteryear, today’s promotional efforts are starting to appeal to more than just a white male perspective.


Thanks to the power of the Internet and social media, modern businesses are able to help promote their operations on a virtually moment-to-moment basis, establishing an incredibly vibrant situation where the customer is able to be totally up to date with the latest from your business. Social media advertising has proven particularly successful in getting word out quickly about short-term offers or sales, and apart from being fast, social media is also a fantastic tool for helping to build your brand at the same time.

To succeed in business these days you need to be up to date in more ways than one, and one of the most important elements to have going for you lies in the way you advertise. Make sure your business is using modern channels to communicate and promote, because times have changed, and if you aren’t up on the latest in business advertising it can be easy to drop off the radar all together.

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