Volume Of Local Phone Number Purchases: A New Economic Indicator For Small Business?

According to a US based cloud telephony pioneer an analysis of the volume of local phone numbers that have been purchased across the US since the GFC began in 2008 does necessarily correspond to a high level of economic growth for small business.

Small businesses purchase local phone numbers typically to track the results of their marketing expenditure.  Different phone numbers are used for separate marketing initiatives like advertising, email promotions and billboards, to enable businesses to measure response.

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US Phone Scam Using Berkshire Bank’s Name

Berkshire Bank in Oneida, New York, has reportedly issued a high alert to its customers after learning of a telephone scam using voice call, text messages and emails purporting to be from the bank requesting  customers to provide their personal account and PIN details.

Writing in the Oneida Daily Dispatch, their reporter, Jolene Cleaver, outlined details of the alleged phone scam involving Berkshire Bank and provided details of her own investigation and the response from Tina Busch a security officer with the bank.

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Google Changes AdWords Rules To Ban Phone Numbers In Ad Text, Require Call Extensions From April

According to a report published in TNW The Next Web Google announced a change to its AdWords conditions which stated that it would no longer allow businesses to include their phone number in the text of AdWords advertisements.

Google followed this announcement with a policy update which required the AdWords advertisements use its call extension.  The company explained the reason for the new amendment was to foster a safer, more consistent user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

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Does The Size Of A Business Really Matter?

It’s a simple fact that any business wants to reach as many people as possible. For many businesses this can be a Catch-22 as there are risks in expanding too quickly without a larger customer base and more customers cannot be reached unless the business has a national presence.

Modern technology has provided a solution by enabling business to receive a boost from the “cloud” a web based service hosted on the internet that is accessible by anyone from any location.

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Directory Assistance Listing Errors Could Hurt A Business

According to an American marketing expert, the range of carriers and re-sellers operating telecommunications services to US businesses has become so numerous that many businesses were suffering a loss of customers through not having their business listed in the telephone directory or from incorrect telephone directory listings.

President of online development and marketing company NetOutcomes, Dave Tedlock, reported in Inside Tucson Business that the wide variety of carriers in the market and the new technology that is VoIP combined with hundreds of re-sellers incorrectly sharing data with each other is a recipe for mistakes to occur.

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Advantages Of Using A 1800 Number For Your Business

A 1800 call number can be arranged for a modest cost and is a very convenient way for customers to contact you without them having to remember several different numbers and best of all the call is free.

Using a 1800 number creates a one-stop call centre for your business creating greater efficiency and better management of fielding enquiries that can be correctly allocated to the right staff member and dealt with smoothly.

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5 Smart Things You Can Do Running A Business From Home

Whether it’s a sole venture or you are part of a small team setting up a business and operating from home can still look and feel like a larger operation thanks to modern technology.

It’s important to portray a professional image when setting up a web site and organising email communication. This can be done by registering your business with its own domain name with an accredited online domain registrar service.

It is a simple process that requires you to register a name provided it has not already been allocated for a small license fee which can be renewed.

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To Buy Or Build a Prospect Database?

When it comes to creating a prospect database, opinions can vary on whether it’s better to purchase a ready-made database of prospective customers or build up your own list over time. However, quality is more important than quantity.

Businesses must do both to develop a superior quality prospect database. For some businesses it can depend on the type of products and services offered, and it may be a good idea to first analyse customer profiles and statistics. Then you can decide whether to buy a prospect database or create your own.

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Using Events and Brand Promotions to Maximise Direct Marketing Techniques

Businesses should not underestimate the power of social media content and its role in their own direct marketing strategies, since it allows them to provide customers with engaging and up-to-the-minute content, according to direct marketing expert George Popstefanov.

During the 24 hours surrounding the television screening of the 2013 Golden Globes, Twitter claims that there were 4.2 million tweets related to the Golden Globes, and Nielsen media research reported that 19.67 million viewers were watching the huge celebrity event.

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The New Way to Grow Brands Through Shared Value

Despite strong consumer confidence and low unemployment levels, Australian businesses have been left wondering where all their customers have gone, according to consumer and marketing expert Peter Harris.

Australian businesses are failing to grasp that a fundamental shift is taking place in the hearts and minds of consumers. Unless they respond to this changing consumer behaviour and expectations of transparency, many businesses will struggle to survive.

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