Call Carriage Fees & Charges (ex GST)
$79 Monthly Service Fee (per connection) Includes $50 worth of call charges per month, monthly access fee, simple changes to initial setup and up to 2 free additional answer points. 13 ˇ /1300 Numbers 1800 Numbers
Number Connection Fee (one-off) per connection* $50 $50
Number Access Fee (per month) per connection* Included Included
Local Calls (first 10 minutes)** Free 30c
Local Calls After first 10 minutes (per minute)** 8c 8c
All other calls, including calls from mobile phones (per minute)** 12c 12c
All calls terminating on a mobile (per minute)** 25c 25c
Simple changes to initial setup** Included Included
Complex changes to initial setup** POA POA
Up to 2 additional answer points (per month) Included Included
Special terms: (if any)    
* Invoiced in advance ** Invoiced in arrears ˇ A 13 number incurs an additional government tax of approximately $8,000 per annum, which is invoiced monthly in advance.